Exclusive Dealerships Now Available
for RED HOT New Duo.


Owning a Dealership to sell Larry’s new GIT-R-DONE ENERGY and the HANGOVER RECOVERY SHOT may be the smartest move you’ll ever make.


Ready for Take-Off.

Two great new products, Larry the Cable Guy’s all natural, no added caffeine Git-R-Done Energy and The Hangover Recovery Shot were recently introduced to retailers across the country. Retailers of all types loved the products and are now looking for local dealers to distribute them.

To date, we have 36 dealers and counting, in 22 states.

Sky’s the limit.

Dealerships are now available from SpecMark, offering a protected territory with exclusive rights to distribute the products within your territory. Independently owned stores, chain stores, and retailers of all descriptions are perfect candidates for these products-and your territory will have hundreds of them.

This is a ground floor opportunity and territories are selling out quickly. If you’ve always wanted to own your own business, make good money, and still have time for your family, this may be the one for you. The business is simple to operate and we can have you up and running within days of your decision and Orientation.

SpecMark Dealership includes:
  • Designated protected territory with exclusive rights. No one else can sell or distribute these products in your territory.
  • Orientation. Two day training at our Nashville, Tennessee headquarters, including lodging accommodations.
  • On-going support and business expansion program. To get your business up and running quickly, we provide you with your first 20 retail accounts. And during the first two years we give you 24 bottles of free product for each new account established in your territory. We work closely with you to expand your business at your own pace to any number of accounts you would like to service.
  • Celebrity Endorsement. Larry the Cable Guy is a familiar, popular, and trusted celebrity. He has been personally involved in the formula for his all-natural Git-R-Done Energy and firmly believes it is superior to others on the market. Try it. You’ll be a believer too. Larry will be making promotional appearances on the Food Factory USA A&E Network. The show will be broadcast 26 times with an average viewership of 1.5 to 2.2 million each show. Larry will also be promoting the product to his millions of followers on Facebook.
  • Free Advertising. The corporation will promote both products at food shows and in magazines targeting convenience stores. Retailers from your territory who want the product will become your customers. And Larry the Cable Guy will get the word out often to his 4.5 million social media friends.
  • Continued Support. As a Dealer, you will receive continued support for as long as you own your business. Your success is our success.

Dealerships starting at $29,800**

People love these Products. You can bet your customers will too!
Congratulations New Dealers!
Photos with Larry
Photos with Larry

We encourage you to act now, get the territory you want, and take advantage of this unique business opportunity!


Let’s Git R Done!

“I’m a single dad with three great little guys who keep me busy. I’m also a long distance runner.  I really like Larry’s new all-natural energy drink.  The first healthy, no-added caffeine energy drink I ever heard of.  Tastes great and packs a super dose of great stuff in a mega healthy shot.  Easy to take along and helps me stay in top form.  A sure winner in my view.  Well-done, Larry.”

Logan - dad
Denver, CO

“OMG! What did I do before Git-R-Done Energy came along? My kids are a handful sometimes, so I keep a bottle tucked away in my purse for a mini break anytime I need one. Really gives me a lift…and it’s healthy?  No added Caffeine? Get out! Great berry flavor.  Love, love, LOVE this drink!”

Jennifer - mom
Santa Rosa, CA

“As a long haul truck driver, I drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks.  I really appreciate an all-natural, healthier alternative out there.  Larry’s new Git-R-Done Energy really delivers, and it tastes good too. I drink one first thing in the morning and it really helps get me going. There’s no let down either-just a nice energy boost to start the day off right. Thanks, Larry.”

Kenny - truck driver
Pontiac, MI

“I’m a big fan of Larry the Cable Guy, so you know I’m gonna try his new drink. Got to hand it to you, Larry- it really works. No added caffeine? No kidding? How’d you do that?  I’m hooked. The wife too. Great product.”

Mel - restaurant manager
Louisville, KY

“I work with preschoolers and they really wear me out! My daughter was worried about all the caffeine I was drinking to keep up. She said Larry’s Git-R-Done was all-natural. I didn’t think it would work, but it sure did. Gave me that little “pick me up” I needed. And I feel better about drinking it, since it’s actually good for you too.”

Kathy - daycare worker
Sarasota, FL

“I celebrated a little too much at my friend’s wedding reception. Tried the Hangover Recovery Shot the next morning and felt so much better. It worked pretty fast, too. I’m getting married in a few weeks.  I’m going to have a table full of Hangover Recovery Shots for my guests at the reception. “

Blair - realtor
Austin TX

“I have used 5 Hour Energy for over two years. A friend told me “Hangover Recovery Shot” was better. He was so right. This stuff really works! No letdown either. Definitely not just for hangovers.”

Kevin - construction worker
Mobile, Alabama

“I don’t drink alcohol, but I tried Hangover Recovery Shot for the energy boost and I’m still using it.  I work the late shift and it really helps keep me going without the letdown I get from other energy shots.”

Deborah - registered nurse
Nashville, TN

“My good buddies had a serious party when we all graduated. I can’t remember everything, but it was awesome…I think. Next morning, however, I didn’t feel so great. My girlfriend gave me a Hangover Recovery Shot. Couldn’t believe how well it works. Helped one doozy of a headache too. ”

Ray - college student
Gainesville, FL

** Cost of a Dealership is determined by the population within your territory.